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TM-20/S Stainless steel hand pallet truck (SW) capacity from 2.000 Kg On quote

Model Capacity Lifting heigth Battery Technical specifiaction Commercial folder
BADA INOX TM-20S/T 2.000 kg  115 mm Manual Pdf Pdf

TM-20S stainless steel Hand pallet truck, pallet truck made entirely with stainless steel components AISI 304, including the hydraulic split, designed to operate in the most aggressive environments with high salinity and high humidity, which require impeccable cleanliness and hygiene. The stainless steel bearings are sealed and the rings are made of polymers as required for use in the food industry, the shafts and components are resistant to aggressive and corrosive environments, acids, vinegar, salt and others, the grease used and the hydraulic oil are food grade (NSF-H1), The BADA stainless steel / stainless steel pump truck is equipped with a protection that allows to work in cold stores or refrigerated vehicles (-20°), designed and certified in accordance with EU, ISO and HACCP standards. The ergonomic drawbar, the robust structure for long life, Hygiene and easy access = low cleaning and maintenance costs, easy to handle, fast lifting, excellent stability, lifting capacity of 2000 kg (2.0 tons), 115 mm lifting height, other lifting dimensions and lifting capacities on request, it is the ideal and clean solution for manual transport in the food industry, pharmaceutical laboratory, robust, easy to handle and ergonomic, it is designed to be cleaned completely and daily with high pressure to meet the strictest hygiene requirements. It is available in stainless steel AISI 316 version, other capacity on request, for custom’s executions and specific tailor made applications on customer request, in respect of the safety standard and EC certification, (FOR MORE INFORMATION OVER POSSIBILITY AND VERSIONS SEE CUSTOM LINE), also we offer a large possibility for the service, parts, battery.

The manual stainless steel pallet truck BADA INOX TM-20S is available for sale, Leasing, short term rental or long term rental,

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