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340P5-LF Custom made electric pallet truck low profil On quote

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340P5-LF 4000 kg Bespoke 24 V On request PDF

340P5-LF CUSTOM-MADE PALLET TRUCK, is a custom-made electric pallet truck with long and low profil forks, designed and 100% custom-made according to the customer's needs and requirements, for moving long, high and heavy loads on special pallets, containers, custom-made production mould transport boxes, or several pallets in a single trip. ideal for moving heavy, bulky loads in the logistics and transport sector, equipped with a central traction motor system coupled to a drawbar with power steering for optimum driving comfort, this version is custom designed and produced according to the needs and requirements of the customer, specifically designed for the component industry, heavy and bulky, pedestrian version, available with foldable driver platform, the tailor-made pallet truck ideal for the industrial logistics sector, the tailor-made pallet truck is available with lifting capacities of , 1000 kg, 2000 kg (2 tons), 3000 kg (3 tons), 4000 kg (4 tons), 5000 kg (5 tons), 6000 kg (6 tons), 8000 Kg (8 tons), 10000 kg (10 tons), 15000 kg (15 tons), 20000 kg (20 tons), other lifting capacities or more lifting capacity are available on request, this version is available in different configurations, it can be developed for a specific use and customized to customer needs, in compliance with safety standards and ISO certification, We offer you a solution adapted to all your equipment type, material handling, repairs, service, maintenance, battery, chargers, contact us for the study of your custom-made pallet truck, pallet jack  project, also the customized after sales service according to your needs. 

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A few possibilities on what can be achieved according to your needs:

  • Custom lifting heights, custom fork lengths.
  • Fork heights and thicknesses made to measure.
  • Fork heights in low positions.
  • Other lifting capacity.
  • Adapt tools, accessories according to your needs.
  • Electric power steering (hydraulic) on some models
  • Traction motor, can be adapted according to your application
  • Dual traction motor for more grip and power
  • Hydraulic motor(s) can be adapted to suit your application.
  • Other version or quality of wheels, depending on the type of soil
  • Specific version for use on ramps with very steep slopes
  • Version (tropical atmosphere + 45°)
  • Version (cold room from -30° to -45°)
  • Water and dustproof version (IP55 and higher)
  • STAINLESS STEEL version for clean room applications
  • Ex-proof, Ex, ATEX (explosion-proof) version on some models.
  • Salt protected version, Epoxy paint, can be made according to the model.
  • Stainless steel version AISI 304 or AISI 316, Galvanized accessories and others on request.
  • Custom colours (RAL) according to the model.
  • And many other possibilities on request.
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