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Ergos TA3 AC Capacity from 1.300 kg to 2.000 kg On quote

Model Capacity Lifting height Battery Technical specification Commercial folder
Ergos III 13-15 TA3 AC 1300 kg - 1500 kg 3270 mm to 5.970 mm 48 V Pdf Pdf
Ergos III 16 TA3 AC 1600 kg 3265 mm to 5.965 mm 48 V Pdf Pdf
Ergos III 18 TA3 AC 1800 kg 3265 mm to 5.965 mm 48 V Pdf Pdf
Ergos III 20 TA3 AC 2000 kg 3265 mm to 5.965 mm 48 V Pdf Pdf


Electric forklift truck 3-wheel front traction twin-motor AC technology, full-free-view mast lifting from 3.300 to 6.000 mm, integrated side-shift, power steering,
steering column multiple adjustable, LCD display with 3 different power output possibilities: E (Economy) S (Super) P (Power) Characterized by its handiness and
compact dimensions, it is suitable for all commodity uses. Possibility to install batteries (48V-625Ah) for an extensive use in more than one shift.

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