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OMG 330 K Electric pallet truck Q=From 3.000 kg On quote

Model Capacity Lifting heigth Battery Technical specification Commercial folder
330 K 3.000 kg - 8000 kg 120 mm 24 V Pdf Pdf

THE OMG 330 K ELECTRIC PALLET TRUCK = THE HEAVY LOAD Tailor-made pallet truck, the ideal truck for heavy horizontal handling, for special and intensive applications and executions as rolls, coils transport, loading platforms, thanks to powerful motors (Traction and Pump motors) and is strong chassis completely iron made which can support particularly heavy applications, it is available with capacities 4000 Kg (4 ton), 5000 kg (5 ton), 6000 kg (6 ton), 7000 Kg (7 ton), 8000 Kg (8 ton) AND MORE ON REQUEST, big battery capacities are available, other or more lifting capacity on request, the OMG special machines forklift trucks are projected and built to suit each customer’s request in respect of the safety and ISO quality standards, test routines, Standardization and EC certification, (MORE INFORMATION SEE CUSTOM LINE), also we offer a large possibility for the service, parts, battery, also we offer a large possibility for the service, parts, battery,

The electric pallet truck OMG 330 K is available for sale, Leasing, short term rental or long term rental,

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