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Ergos ALL ROAD 2500kg tot 3000kg 2WD-4WD Op aanvraag

Model Hefvermogen Hefhoogte Type verbranding Technische fische Commerciële folder
Ergos ALL ROAD 25 2500 kg 3200 - 4500 mm D Meer info Meer info
Ergos ALL ROAD 30 3000 kg 3200 - 4500 mm D Meer info Meer info


The all-terrain Ergos All Road line represents the last evolution of the Rough Terrain Fork lift with 2 and 4 traction wheels. The models Ergos All Road 25 (2.500 kg) and 30 (3.000 kg) 2WD and 4WD are able to adapt to any working requirement, on unsurfaced, unmetalled and dug up roads as well, thanks to its all road gear. With its motor groups mounted on “silent-blocks”, the adjustable in height protective roof, the swinging telescopic steering, the great visibility masts, able to lift from 3.200 up to 4.500 mm, the hydrostatic transmission, the side-shift and the multifunctions ergonomic joystick. All Road trucks are projected to grant reliability, versatility and operative comfort. The new Ergos All Road range is characterized by high quality performances, such as, for example, traction
speed up to 28 km/h, limited consumptions thanks to the low regime insertions, in order to grant excellent performances also in the most critical working circumstances.

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